Kallard Group


Brand Protection - Now that you have chosen the perfect face for your product rollout, you need to make sure no one will trip up your efforts. We have a myriad of tools which can help you identify potential conflicts along with the best tools to address those needs.

IP Transactions - Filling in the holes of your brand strategy will have to include picking up the various intellectual properties you will need to control. This can mean adding trademarks, patents or domain names to your portfolio - and it can also mean divesting obsolete IP's from your holdings to help sponsor current efforts. Our experts can walk you through to your goal.

Intelligence Gathering - Do you know everything about the brand you've chosen? It's a big world out there. More often than not, another creative entrepreneur has had a similar idea - or perhaps is already trading on your existing name. We can help you sift through the history of your target and deliver the goods that will put you out ahead.